101 Noted Films

1. The Message. An epic film about the Story of the life of the Prophet of Islam, his message and challenges
2. Malcolm X. The life and times of controversial African-American civil rights leader who joined the Nation of Islam and then finally converted to Islam.
3. Syriana. A politically-charged epic about the state of the oil industry in the hands of those personally involved and affected by it.
4. Khuda Kay Liye (For the sake of God). Three interleaved stories based in the US, UK, and Pakistan and how they are impacted after 9/11
5. Paradise Now. An Oscar-nominated film about two childhood friends who are recruited for a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv.
6. Baran. An Iranian boy falls in love with an Afghan refugee girl whohas to become the breadwinner for her family.
7. Babel. Tragedy strikes a married couple on vacation in the Moroccan desert, touching off an interlocking story involving four different families.
8. Amreeka. The story about a Palestinian mother and her son as they journey for an exciting future to America.
9. My Name is Khan. A film about a Muslim man whose name is Khan and his Hindu wife and how their life and relationship changes because of 9/11.
10. Lion of the Desert. A film about Omar Mukhtar, who fought against the Italian conquering of Libya in WW-II.
11 Dreams of Dust. A Nigerian peasant comes looking for work in a dusty goldmine and seeks to redeem his past by giving all he works for to a widow and her daughter.
12. Children of Heaven (Persian). This Academy award nominated film is about a poor brother and sister in Iran who have to share one pair of shoes, and the troubles her brother goes to get her a pair.
13. Bagong Buwan. A film about the Muslim rebellion in Mindanao, Philippines and its effect on civilians.
14 Fatih (Conqueror). An animated feature about Ottoman Ruler Mehmet II, who conquered Constantinople (modern day Istanbul).
15. The 13th Warrior. The story of Ibn Fahdlan a refined Arab courtier, of the powerful Caliph of Baghdad, who encounters a band of Viking warriors on their journey to the barbaric North.
16. New Muslim Cool (doc). Puerto Rican American rapper Hamza Pérez ended his life as a drug dealer and started down a new path as a young Muslim. This film follows his journey.
17. Mughal-e-Azam. Set in the 16th century CE, the movie brings to life the tale of the doomed love affair between the Mughal Crown Prince Saleem and the beautiful, ill-fated court dancer.
18. Indigènes (Days of Glory). During WW-II, four North African men enlist in the French army to liberate that country from Nazi oppression, and to fight French discrimination.
19. El Naser Salah el Dine (Saladin). A story about the Kurdish Ruler Salahadin and his defeat of the Crusaders.
20. Dor. Two young wives one Hindu and one Muslim share a common pain.
21. Ceasefire. This comedy, whose Persian title is Atash Bas is a fast-paced comedy about a volatile marriage of a young couple and their attempt at reforming their childish and selfishways.
22. Blood and Oil (doc). The film shows how oil has been at the core of American foreign policy for more than 60 years – rendering our contemporary energy and military policies virtuallyindistinguishable.
23.The Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyam. Kamran is a 12-yr. old boy in the present day who discovers that his ancestor is the 11th century mathematician, astronomer, poet of Persia, Omar Khayyam.
24. The Clay Bird. A film about religion and diversity in politically charged East Pakistan (now Bangladesh)
25. The Battle of Algiers. A film based on the bloodiest revolution in modern history, Algeria’s war of independence from the French.
26. Slum Dog Millionaire. A Mumbai teen is arrested under suspicion of cheating and then terrorism, in a game show while his life history shows how he was able to come up with the right answers.
27. Salvation at 8:20. A dejected Iranian student comes under the influence of a self-righteous friend who wants to clean society of its ills in post-revolution Iran.
28. Ramchand Pakistani. A young Hindu-Untouchable Pakistani boy and his father accidentally cross the border into India and languish in an Indian jail.
29. Rachida. A look at terrorism in Algeria through the eyes of Rachida, a teacher in one of the school districts.
30. Pitch Black: The Chronicles of Riddick. A group of marooned space travelers struggle for survival including an Imam
31. Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (doc). Tells the story of the Prophet of Islam not only historically but how it unfolds, into the homes, mosques and work places of American-Muslims
32. Le Grand Voyage: A young French-Moroccan man and his old father drive from the south of France to Mecca in a conflict-ridden humorous journey
33. Kingdom of Heaven. Balian of Ibelin travels to Jerusalem during the Crusades of the 12th century, and there he finds himself as the defender of the city and its people against Saladin
34. Inside Mecca (doc). A National Geographic special following 3 Pilgrims from different parts of the world on a journey of their lifetimes.
35. Firaaq. Deals with the aftermath of Gujarat riots and effects on everyday people.
36. Decoding the Past–Secrets of the Koran (doc). A wonderful documentary about the Quran which has shaped the Muslim faith and continues to influence the world.
37. Color of Paradise. A blind boy and his father struggle to co exist in rural Iran
38 Bab’ Aziz. The story of a blind dervish named Bab’Aziz and his spirited granddaughter, Ishtar.
39. Al-Ghazali the Alchemist of Happiness. A film about the philosopher Al-Ghazali and his parallels with our own times.
40. YolFive. Turkish prisoners are given a week’s home leave, and we see its people and its authorities interweaved through their stories
41 When we were Kings (doc): An award winning documentary of the 1974 heavy weight championship bout in Zaire between champion George Foreman and underdog challenger Muhammad Ali.
42. Valley of the Wolves. A Turkish action-adventure film set in northern Iraq during the American occupation. This has been a mega-hit in Turkey and Europe.
43. Umut (Hope). Umut is the story of an illiterate poor man and his family, who when he loses his only income goes on a quest for lost treasure.
44. Turtles can fly. Near the Iraqi-Turkish border on the eve of an American invasion, refugee children like 13-year-old Kak (Ebrahim),gauge and await their fate.
45 Times and Winds. A coming of age story in a mountain village in northwest Turkey as seen through the eyes of three children on the verge of adolescence.
46. The Yacoubian building. Based on the award-winning novel of the same name and covers a cast of characters in a building and touches upon themes of corruption, fundamentalism, prostitution, homosexuality, and drugs in central Cairo.
47. The Visitor. A college professor comes to the rescue of an Arab-Muslim who is detained by US Immigration
48. Taxi To the Dark Side. In 2002, a cab driver picked up a few passengers near his home in Afghanistan. He never returned.
49. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. When Robin and his Moorish companion come to England and the tyranny of the Sheriff of Nottingham, he decides to fight back as an outlaw.
50 Rendition. An American wife searches for her Egyptian husband who is kidnapped and tortured under the CIAs secret rendition program
51. Mr. and Mrs. Iyer. A bus journey set during riots in India where a Muslim journalist is rescued by a Hindu woman who pretends to be his wife.
52. Moolaadé. When a woman shelters a group of girls from sufferingfemale circumcision, she starts a conflict that tears her village apart.
53. Monsieur Ibrahim. In Paris, a Turkish shop owner befriends a Jewish boy in his mid-teens.
54 Leila. A young couple face family pressure for the husband to take a second wife when they cannot have children.
55. Lawrence of Arabia. An Epic film about T.E. Lawrence and how he along with the British government and Saud family fought against the Ottoman empire.
56. Laal Salaam. Although not specifically about Muslims the film is about the “other” tribes and cultures who do not fit into mainstream India and their treatment by the authorities
57. Kandahar. An Afghan-born woman from Canada takes a perilous journey through Afghanistan to try to find her sister.
58. Islam, Empire of Faith. History of the Islamic Empire
59 Dirty Pretty Things. An illegal Nigerian immigrant discovers the unpalatable side of London life.
60 Dil Se. The clash between love and ideology is portrayed in this love story between a Hindu radio executive and a beautiful Muslim revolutionary, set in Kashmir.
61. Charlie Wilsons War. A drama based on a Texas congressman Charlie Wilson’s covert dealings in Afghanistan, where his efforts to assist rebels in their war with the Soviets have some unforeseen and long-reaching effects.
62. Bombay. A Hindu man and a Muslim woman fall in love in a small village and move to Mumbai, where they have two children. However, growing religious tensions and erupting riots threaten to tear the family apart.
63. Abouna. The lives of two brothers, who live in N’djamena, are upended when they awake one Saturday morning to find that their father has left the family…
64 Waltz with Bashir. An Animated Israeli film director interviews fellow veterans of the 1982 invasion of Lebanon to reconstruct his own memories of the massacres in Sabra and Shatila camps.
65. Traitor. An FBI agent heads an investigation into an international conspiracy, all clues seem to lead back to former U.S. Special Operations officer, Samir Horn.
66. The Tiger and the Snow. A love-struck Italian poet is stuck in Iraq at the onset of an American invasion
67. The Hunting Party. A journalist and cameraman go to Bosnia to find the number one war criminal
68. The Dove’s Lost Necklace. The second part of Nacer Khemir’s Desert Trilogy.
69. Takva. A promotion brings a Muslim’s relationship with God into question.
70 Silent waters. A former Hindu, now Muslim widow in a village in Pakistan sees her 17 years old son being attracted to militants.
71 Rambo III. Rambo’s Vietnam commanding officer Col. Trautman is held hostage in Afghanistan, and its up to Rambo to rescue him.
72 Partition. A former Sikh soldier comes to the rescue of a traumatized. Muslim girl, marries her but then has to rescue her from Pakistan.
73. Maryam. An Iranian-born teenager living in suburban New Jersey thinks of herself as simply an American until anti-Iranian sentiment erupts in her community after American hostages are held in Iran.
74. Kite Runner. After spending years in California, Amir returns to his homeland in Afghanistan to help his old friend Hassan, whose son is in trouble.
75. Journey of Hope. The story of a poor Turkish family who tries to emigrate illegally to Switzerland.
76. Inch’Allah Dimanche. The story of an immigrant woman struggling against old world traditions.
77. Girdap” (Whirlpool). A naive apolitical young man, who is interrupted by a fundamental religious environment, turns bitter against society. The film follows his journey.
78 Gallipoli. Two Australian sprinters face the brutal realities of war when they are sent to fight in the Gallipoli campaign in Turkey during World War I.
79 Dev. A story about love and hate as Muslim militancy and the police in India collide.
80 Daughter of Keltoum. A woman travels to a Berber settlement in Algeria– to find her biological mother and in the process finds a world untouched by contemporary society.
81 Cape of Good Hope. A Drama revolving around 3 women’s lives and how theyare intertwined.
82. Brick Lane. A young Bangladeshi woman, Nazneem, arrives in 1980sLondon, leaving behind her beloved sister and home, for an arranged marriage and a new life.
83. Arranged. A Jewish and Muslim woman become friends in a Brooklyn school
84. Ali. A biography of sports legend, Muhammad Ali, from hisearly days to his days in the ring.
85. Al Otro Lado. This drama features three stories about the bonds between children and absent parents. One of the parents is a migrant from North Africa.
86. Three Kings. In the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War, 4 soldiers set out to steal gold that was stolen from Kuwait, but they discover people who desperately need their help.
87. The Road to Guantanamo. A docu-drama about a trio of British Muslims who were held in Guantanamo Bay for two years until they were released without charge.
88. The Kingdom. A team of U.S. government agents is sent to investigatethe bombing of an American facility in the Middle East.
89. The Band’s visit. A comedy about a band comprised of members of the Egyptian police force head to Israel to play at the inaugural ceremony of an Arab arts center, are lost and welcomed instead in an Israeli town.
90 Sorry, Haters. Against the anxieties and fears of post-9/11 America, an Arab cab driver picks up a troubled professional woman(Robin Wright Penn) with unexpected results.
91. Rana’s Wedding. A Palestinian girl of 17 wants to get married to the man of her own choosing.
92. Prince Among Slaves. The True Story of an African Prince who Survived Slavery in America.
93. Persepolis. A French animated film about a girl who comes of age in Iran during the Islamic revolution and how she sees it once she moves to Europe.
94. Occupation (doc). A thought-provoking and powerful documentary film on the current and historical root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and US political involvement.
95. Noorie. A simple and touching story about Noorie, a girl from the valleys with a simple dream: a house, family and life filled with love – and who is forced to defend this dream at the cost of her life…
96. Man Push Cart. A night in the life of a former Pakistani rock star who now sells coffee from his push cart on the streets of Manhattan.
97. Jenin Jenin (doc). Documentary about the Battle for Jenin refugee camp
98. A Time for Drunken Horses. After their father dies, a family of five are forced to survive on their own in a Kurdish village on the border of Iran and Iraq.
99. A New Day in Old Sana’a. A photographer, Tariq, must choose between his love or an arranged marriage
100. Al-Massir (Destiny) (1997). Set in 12th century Arab-ruled Spanish province Andalusia, famed philosopher Averroes is appointed grand judge by the caliph and his liberal court judgments are not liked by everyone.
101. A Mighty Heart. Mariane Pearl embarks on a frantic search to locate her journalist husband, Daniel, when he goes missing in Pakistan.

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