ANGOLA Muslims and Islam in Angola

Mosques and Islamic Centers
Luanda Mosque 
Address: Luanda Mosque Luanda, Luanda, ANGOLA

The largest Mosque in Luanda is located just outside the city centre on the Estrada de Catete road to Viana. General Information: Daily and Jumaah (Friday) prayers are held in the Mosque. There are several other smaller mosques around the city as well. 

Supreme Council of Angolan Muslims
Address: Supreme Council of Angolan Muslims Luanda, Luanda, ANGOLA

General Information: The Supreme Council of Angolan Muslims was set-up to take care of Muslim affairs in Angola.

Islamic Organizations And Services
Associacao De Beneficencia
Address: Associacao De Beneficencia Rua 8 No. 102,
PO Box 16411, Luanda, ANGOLA
Phone: 00244-2-323097Status: Charity organization.  

Munazamat Al-Dawa
Address: Munazamat Al-Dawa PO Box 2624, Luanda, ANGOLA
Phone: 00244-2-344396
Status: Dawah Center.

Muslim Owned Business Africa Muslim Agency
Address: Africa Muslim Agency C.P. 2872 – Cite An III – Villa No. 187, Luanda, 38552, ANGOLA
Phone: 00244-2-344304 Fax: 0244-2-344766/393445
Status: Muslim organisation for taking care of the welfare of Muslims in Angola. 
Islamic Schools And Colleges

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