The Quran names 25 prophets sent on the earth in regular interval; although it holds that some one hundred and twenty thousand prophets were sent to different regions, amongst different peoples and in different periods of time. “We did indeed send, Before thee, messengers To their (respective) peoples” (Quran, 30:47) Adam is the first prophet and Abraham is considered as the most important of the early prophets. He is known as the father of Jews, Christians and Muslims. It was Abraham, who built the first house of God, called Kaaba, a pilgrim place in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, to which Muslims from all over the world visit and pay their tributes. Ismail was his son who had settled in what is now Makkah and whose direct descendant is Muhammad, the seal of prophethood. Ismail’s stepbrother Ishaq (Isaac) is progenitor of Jews.
“The world’s three monotheistic faiths—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—were born and developed in that small region called the Middle East. Abraham was born in the city of Ur, Mesopotamia (Iraq), some 1900 years before Jesus was born in Bethlehem (Palestine). Muhammad was born in Makkah (Saudi Arabia) in 570 CE. Moses lived in Egypt, as did Jesus for a brief period in his infancy”.

Names of the Prophets Biblical Names
mentioned in the Quran

1. Prophet Adam Adam
2. Prophet Idris Enoch
3. Prophet Nuh Noah
4. Prophet Hud Hud
5. Prophet Salih Salih
6. Prophet Ibrahim Abraham
7. Prophet Lut Lot
8. Prophet Ismail Ishamael
9. Prophet Ishaq Isaac
10. Prophet Yaqub Jacob
11. Prophet Yusuf Joseph
12. Prophet Shoaib Jethru
13. Prophet Ayyub Job
14. Prophet Dhul Kifl Ezekiel
15. Prophet Musa Moses
16. Prophet Harun Aaron
17. Prophet Dawud David
18. Prophet Sulaiman Solomon
19. Prophet Iliyas Elijah, Elias
20. Prophet al-Yasa Elisha
21. Prophet Yunus Jonah
22. Prophet Zakariya Zachariah
23. Prophet Yahya John the Baptist
24. Prophet Isa Jesus Christ
25. Prophet Muhammad ——-

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